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IBM Hursley Club Data Privacy Statement

What data do we collect and why?

By joining the IBM Hursley Club, you agree that your personal information may be retained and used for the purposes of administering the IBM Hursley Club. Such information will not be used for any other purpose. The personal information retained by the IBM Hursley Club may include:

  • Your IBM Hursley Club membership number - to uniquely identify you.

  • Your IBM personnel number (if you are an IBMer) - to determine your eligibility as an IBM UK employee to join the IBM Hursley Club.

  • Your name and e-mail address - to facilitate contact with you on IBM Hursley Club business should you have elected to receive information updates from the club by email.

  • Your address and telephone number, should you choose to provide them and would prefer to be contacted on Club business by post and/or phone as opposed to email.

  • Details of IBM Hursley Club events and meetings that you attend, including details of payments made by you for such attendance. This is to enable the IBM Hursley Club to complete event reconciliations to ensure that correct payments to relevant institutions such as HMRC, are completed.

  • Details of IBM Hursley Club subsections to which you subscribe, including details of payments made by you for such subscriptions. This is to ensure your membership subscriptions are up to date and the IBM Hursley Club has an accurate membership listing for that Subsection.

As described above, the collection of Personal Information is for the purposes of IBM Hursley Club administration processes only and is therefore for the legitimate interests of the IBM Hursley Club as the Data Controller. Furthermore, the gathering of the above personal information is necessary in order for the IBM Hursley Club to effectively communicate IBM Hursley Club events with IBM Hursley Club members.

Please note that credit/debit card information for the payment of goods or services is only held long enough to complete the payment. Likewise, with bank details for when a bank payment to the member is required.

You have a right to object on grounds relating to your particular situation. Please contact the IBM Hursley Club Secretary in the first instance.

How we collect your data?

Your data is collected from your completed application form for joining the IBM Hursley Club. The data is then processed and kept as part of the IBM Hursley Club membership database (containing details for IBM Hursley Club members). In addition, data may also be collected by any subsection to which a member belongs, and when making or requesting payments at the IBM Hursley Club.

When do we share your data and with whom?

The IBM Hursley Club membership list may be shared with a small number of representatives from IBM and other IBM Clubs, primarily to check eligibility for attending events, or other third parties when legally obliged to do so. For example, if an IBM employee from the IBM Hursley Club, would like to attend an event at the IBM Basingstoke Club, the Basingstoke Club would need to consult the IBM Hursley Club membership list to see if that IBM employee is an IBM Hursley Club member. Subsections may provide information to third parties, such as Sports Associations. For instance, when joining the Archery subsection, information is sent to Archery GB if you are not already registered with them.

Where we store your data?

IBM Hursley Club membership database (containing details on all IBM Hursley Club members) is located on a password protected computer, which is not connected to the internet. Access is carefully monitored, controlled and limited to the IBM Hursley Club Office Staff, together with the IBM Hursley Club Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer. The original membership application form is also stored for backup and reference purposes. Subsections may also store information for the purpose of running subsections. For instance, the Archery subsection secretary has the email address of all members and communicates emails from Archery GB and Hampshire Archery about upcoming Tournaments, AGMs etc.

How long do we keep your data for?

We will keep your data on the IBM Hursley Club Membership database whilst your membership is current. If you decide to leave the IBM Hursley Club, your details will be deleted from the membership database within one month of you informing the Club that you have cancelled your membership.

Know your rights

You have the right to ensure the data we hold is accurate, the right to see the data we hold on you and the right to delete your data as appropriate. Please contact the IBM Hursley Club Secretary in the first instance.

Right to lodge a complaint

In the event you consider our processing of your personal information not to be compliant with the applicable data protection laws, you can lodge a complaint:

Who is the data controller?

For the purposes of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the controller of your personal information is the IBM Hursley Club.

Recent changes

In readiness for GDPR, the IBM Hursley Club has taken the following actions:

  1. Reviewed the Data Privacy Statement on:-

  • all application forms

  • all available websites, both internal and external

  1. Provided clear guidance to IBM Hursley Club employees and committees on the following:-

  • Data handling

  • Data retention

  • Data transfer

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